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A Huge Thank You to All that Made This Years VapeCon A Success

A Special Thank You to Mumzo, Bapoo, Waseem, Shaheer, Akhiel, Muzzi and Nabeel for assisting us

This year’s Vapecon was absolutely epic and definitely a clear indication that people are “Changing their Lifestyles” for the better. Our Vaping Concept message is gaining ground however there are many issues that need ironing out. Say NO to Fake Eliquids. Say NO to Cloned Devices.

There are many new products that we have Launched at Vapecon like the SMOK ProColor kits, Siglei VFENG mod and tank, LostVape Paranormal mods and the Geekvape EAGIS MOd, just to name a few…..

And there are still lots more to come…

I would like to conclude by saying that we will continue the fight against the stinkies and fakes out there and strive to provide you with the latest products and best service. Until we meet again …VapeCon 2018 …Preps Begin …