The eCig Store

Covid 19 Guidlines

TheEcigStore Guidelines and Implementation of protocols regarding The Covid 19 Epidemic according to The National Disaster Act.

Limit personal contact instore

No handshaking only a friendly wave.

Always keep a safe speaking distance between infected and uninfected persons to reduce the chances of contracting the virus.


Always wash hands with a disinfectant soap for 20 seconds before and after PHYSICAL HANDLING OF: Money, Bank cards, ATM contact, POS device, doorknobs, all Touch Surfaces like instore Display Glass, all VAPE ENDS devices, all COOLDRINKS sold in store need to be washed before consuming.

No EATING will be allowed in the store.


NO SHARING of Vaping devices and e-liquids.

Staff will not be Vaping off personal devices as of today.

All very necessary wicking will be done on our back counter and not on build decks.

We will not be allowing clients to use our personal tools to wick devices to reduce contact.

Reduce Touching

There will be no handling or touching of any displayed products including sampling e-liquids, accessories and hardware.

Safety Gear

Face masks and surgical gloves will be worn by staff at times of trade within the store.

Social Distancing

The government has advised that public gatherings should be limited.

Therefore instore gathering should be minimized.

Customers are urged to Purchase within a reasonable time of contact and leave making space for others to purchase.

Safety in Purchase

The eCig Store has an online website with THE COURIER GUY facility for those clients who have self quarantined themselves within their homes during this time.

Vaping Etiquette

Strictly please try and be cautious and considerate to the next person by blowing your vapour down toward the ground.

This virus is spread via coughing and air particle as well. Therefore we have decided to limit the amount of Vaping instore.

Be Safe in comunication

We TheEcigStore will communicate all updates of new products and services on our Social Media platforms

WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook.

TheEcigStore appreciates your understanding and adherence to the above protocols as this will protect your health and that of our staff and management. Our prayers are with All South Africans at this time regarding the safety and prevention of the spread of The Covid 19 Pandemic in South Africa