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Change your lifestyle

Electronic cigs are gaining popularity everyday as an alternative to smoking. Ecigs components is made up of an Atomiser (piezoelectric ultrasound device); Polymer battery (LiPo); a heating filament (coil) and a drip tip. The battery is connected to a USB cable for charging, that powers the coil and converts the e-liquid into Vapour. Thats the “Vaping Concept”

E-cigs vary in battery size from a 650mah to a 2500mah allowing the user to Vape for hours or days. The advantages of Vaping is a “no brainer”, FINALLY you can enjoy a sweet smelling environment instead of foul air, stained teeth and smelly clothes, not to mention secondary smoking.

Our company MOTO “Change your Lifestyle”. The alternative benefits of Vaping are just the cherry on the top. We the Management would like to congratulate all the new vapers who have successfully left cigarette smoking since our inception in March 2014. What an amazing Gifting idea, not because the calendar date says so but because “YOU care for the ones you love”.

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